Boost Your Car’s Value Through Improved Gas Mileage

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Long gone are the days of low gas prices and the ability to drive as much as you want without thinking too hard about it. Coupled with the continued economic downturn putting greater pressure on your spending, the cost of gas and how much we use has become a central issue in car purchasing and ownership. A car with good mileage is considerably more attractive than the gas-guzzlers of previous decades and technologies such as gas-electric hybrid power and regenerative braking are set to become standard. There are many ways to boost the mileage of you car, from modifying the way you drive to using the correct fuel.

Don’t Burn Rubber

Accelerating and breaking unnecessarily uses more fuel than maintaining a steady speed. Activities like tailgating and accelerating quickly on a green light both reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. Likewise, try not to fly down roads at top speed. At speeds in excess of 60 mph, gas mileage falls significantly. The government’s fuel economy division suggest that you could be costing yourself 24 cents per gallon extra for every five mph over 60. Another driving practice that can conserve fuel is anticipating traffic light changes and choosing the optimum speeds when driving on familiar routes. Make lane changes when congestion is low instead of needing to accelerate aggressively in congested areas.. Making use of cruise control and overdrive gears also limits accelerating and decelerating.

Don’t Hang Around

If your car engine is running, you should be moving. Don’t keep it running unnecessarily while parked or when you first start the engine. Many people mistakenly believe that you need to warm up an engine before driving. While this may have been true 20 years ago, it is no longer the case. Modern engines can run as soon as they start, warming up as you drive and they remain warm for some time once you have switched them off. Needless to say, running your engine while stopped creates unnecessary pollution as well as wasting gas.

Choose the Right Fuel

Many people mistakenly thing that they should pay a premium for superior octane fuels, however this may be a huge waste of your money. Most cars are designed to run on regular fuel so switching to higher octane varieties will have little effect, if any. At 20-50 cents per gallon more, you may just be burning your cash.

Limit the Air Conditioner

When you use the air conditioner, fuel economy is cut drastically. If you take a few simple steps you won’t have to forgo it completely. Start by parking your vehicle in the shade wherever possible. The initial cool down when you first get into the car quickly uses up gas. You can also select the air recirculation option which reduces the intake of new, hot air from the outside and reuses the already chilled air in your vehicle’s cabin.

However, if you’re going to be driving faster than say 50 mph or so, then go ahead and close up those windows and turn on the AC – you’ll be better mileage with the AC on and the windows closed than vice versa.

These are just a few tips on how to improve your fuel economy. They will not only reduce the amount of money spent on gas but maintenance costs as well, both of which work together to boost the value of your car.

Josh Seamont writes for auto and auto selling blogs and web sites. For more information on prepping your car to sell, Visit this Website.

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